About Institutional Care Reform

Family – for children, community based services for persons with disabilities – the slogan of  Institutional Care Reform.  The process of the transition from institutional care to family and community-based services to the disabled and deprived of parental care children in Lithuania was started 2014 by the initiative of the Ministry of Social Care and Labor. The process was called Reformation (Pertvarka).
The aim of the Reformation is to ensure a sustainable environment and conditions for each child (including children with disabilities) to grow in his/her biological family. If it is impossible – to ensure growth of each deprived of parental care child in guardians’ families, adoptive families or foster families
Another aim of the Reformation is to ensure conditions for community living for every person with mental or (and) intellectual disability by providing high quality community based services for them and their families’ members.


For more information please contact with

National-level expert on Reformation process: jurgita.taukyte@pertvarka.lt,

Experts on the issues of persons with mental or (and) intellectual disabilities and their families.: dalia.jasiuleviciene@pertvarka.ltlina.gulbine@pertvarka.lt,

Experts on the child and family welfare: jurate.dagiene@pertvarka.lt, audrius.natkevicius@pertvarka.lt,

Expert on the cluster issues and workers training organization: migle.musteikiene@pertvarka.lt.

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